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Courtney Is Not A Murderer
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Subject:Author Update.. finally, right?
Time:04:40 pm
Hello Dearest Friends-

After having to create a new Livejournal, I found it nessacary to do the same.

Please rejoin www.livejournal.com/nota_murder

I will update more frequently and immediately transfer all of the needed material over to that account.

As for more news, you haven't heard of me as a result of an even more unfortunate event. Unfortunately a few months back my computer contracted a virus and I lost my entire document with everyone submissions.

In addition, recent news about Courtney delayed my interest in continuing with my work here. However, today, I realized it was time to start up with it again.

I apologize deeply for everyones sacrifices and so on and the delay.

If you choose to turn your back on the project, I understand, but, if you want to stay with us, you have my upmost gratitude.

I will also have to ask you to resubmit your pieces about the situation and Courtney and Kurt. If you have any questions let me know.

Please make all submissions to Satinegirl07, you will receive a confirmation email and your entry will be documented.

As soon as I figure out how to invite people to a community I will, otherwise, go on ahead and join the new place for the project


Thank you again and again,
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Subject:cross post
Time:08:30 pm
Q mag - Sept 2005 issue
If use, please credit. Took me awhile to scan it all in for others to view/enjoy.

Scans..Collapse )
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Time:03:35 pm
Current Mood:okayokay
I hate to add another I'm-glad-I-found-this-community-you-guys-are-awesome-this-is-my-first-post-omg-YAYZORZ entry to the pile, but man, was I thrilled to discover that this exists. =)

Anyway, something you might find interesting if you've not seen it already: screw suicide, screw overdose, screw Courtney, screw the communist plot: the light bulb killed him!
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Time:01:03 am
Hello people!
I don't mean to offend anyone here, I mean only to gain a little more insight into the opinion that Courtney did NOT murder/arrange for the murder of Kurt Cobain.
I have read all the evidence to suggest that Courtney Love was involved with Kurt Cobains' death and I am currently of the opinion that she arranged for his murder, and that maybe it was a hasty decision, maybe she didn't entirely think it through, it was an act of anger (maybe a bizarre act of love, considering the situation he was in?), or maybe she made these arrangements but doubted her own power and didn't think that the action would actually take place. Anyway, the evidence for this seems proof enough, in my opinion. All the evidence that she was NOT involved with his death seems to be to do with how she expressed her emotions for him - but she's also an actress.
I wouldn't like the mis-judge anyone, even silly Courtney Love (n/o), and I would like for someone to help me with the accuracy of my judgement by posting opinions, reasons for the opinions and most helpfully, links to evidence/theories that she did NOT arrange for his death?

Even if my final personal opinion is that she did murder him, I wouldn't judge her as a bad person... she strikes me as a little bit insane, to be honest.
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Time:10:18 pm
Hey I'm Whitney, and new. I used to think Courtney did it, but then I read up on it and realized she didn't. my friends however aren't convinced *sigh* but whatever. I love her, and she's my fucking idol haha, no matter what the media, mags, people, ect. say about her.
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Current Music:HOLE
Time:12:15 pm
Current Mood:goodgood

Happy Birthday, Courtney!!!

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Current Music:helium, "trixie's star"
Time:03:35 am
hi. i'm katie. i just found this community.

um. i really love courtney...she's my idol, and i will love her despite whatever shit my friends or the media or whoever says about her. it's always bothered me when people say that she killed kurt, because not only is that untrue, but there are so many reasons that that CANNOT be true.

anyway. i like this community, but i'm somewhat unclear on what the "project" is. let me know if i can do something to help it.

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Time:03:18 pm

Hey im new and ive always thought courtney NEVER killed kurt and all my friends have tried to convince me that she killed him and my reply was always fuck u she didnt!
me and miac both agree she didnt do it which she didnt !!</span>

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Time:08:32 pm
Current Mood:sadpeace, love, empathy
We always love you.

I've been crying all day, which i told myself i wouldn't.
but i listen to all apologies and i cant stop thinking about people i've known personally that have killed themselves, my suicide attempts...

so fucking selfish.
such a fucking waste.

his music helped me through so much.
but to get out of the cage that is depression you have to make a CONCIOUS decision to get better.
It's person vs. self.
and what it comes down to is that he couldn't help himself.

at least we have the music.

to hear courtney reading his suicide note to his fans click the link below and grab a box of tissues:


(please don't reply to this with courtney hate, i'm not in the mood)
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Courtney Is Not A Murderer
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